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Responsive Web Development

Responsive web development is creating a website that conforms to different devices and allows people to see and interact with websites on their phones, tablets, and computers easily.

People are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to access information on the web. It is important for you business to have a device-friendly website for the following reasons:

Improved User Experience – If the user can’t easily browse and read the content on your website from their mobile device, they will most likely leave. If a visitor is able to easily navigate your pages and the content is written mobile friendly, you increase the chance of converting visitors into customers. A normal website that isn’t device friendly will load very slowly on your mobile device or may not load at all. A device friendly website will load quickly because the code is structured in a way that it is compatible with mobile devices. A simple, yet very important, addition to any mobile site is the ability to simply click to call.

Improved SEO – As of April 2015, Google’s algorithm gives preference to device friendly sites. If your website doesn’t perform well on a mobile phone, then you will have a very hard time to achieve a very high ranking in the search engines. Your competition is most likely aware of this fact. You don’t want to be left behind.

If you have a website that you like, we can probably maintain the basic look and feel while making the site device friendly. If you are ready for something totally new, let us show you some design options for your business that will allow your site to be displayed and operate beautifully on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.


Search Engine Optimization

Everyone with a website wants to reach their target audience. With thousands of sites competing for that all important place on the first couple pages of Google, how can you get your site to rise in the rankings? Search Engine Optimization. Today, SEO has become more important for both small and large business than ever before. Our highly skilled and experienced SEO team has years of experience and will help you improve the visibility of your website.

A Brief Overview of SEO
A Search Engine is a software program developed to trawl website code and store the data of millions of websites in its database. When a user is searching for a particular product or service on the search engine, such as Google, relevant results are displayed.

Search Engine Optimization , or SEO, is a technical process of optimizing the website for search engines by making changes in website content, linking structure, URL structure, coding structure, etc., and making it search engine friendly. After optimizing the website, as per the terms and conditions of search engines, your website should rise in the ranking, resulting in more traffic to your site.

SEO is an ongoing process and should be performed regularly because of the following factors: dynamic search engine ranking results, dynamic search engine algorithm, and ongoing SEO by your competitors. Money spent on SEO is a cost effective way to gain new customers, as organic search engine results are more effective than paid listings.

Marisol Creative understands the challenges that small businesses face in today’s marketplace. Our fees are structured to be very affordable, yet our methods yield high results. We will gladly analyze your website for its search engine friendliness and discuss your selection of keywords and phrases for effective SEO, at no charge. When you select Marisol for SEO, we provide you with a monthly report so that you can track the progress of your keywords as they move up in the rankings.

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Website Hosting

As small business owners ourselves, we know how busy you are. To keep things simple, we provide everything you need for your web presence, at a very affordable prices.

We host our websites on servers located in data centers in Columbus, Ohio and Provo, Utah. The sites are backed up, and the data centers they are housed in have backup power and multiple internet providers. You can be assured that your site is in good hands.

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